Advertising and Editorial Policies

Affiliate Links

Everything featured on Sale Bite is 100% editorial and picked because we love it and want to share it with you. In order to bring you up-to-date free content daily we will  use affiliate links. Affiliate links work in that each individual affiliate link is encoded with special info and if you make a purchase we earn a variable commission. Even though we do use affiliate links, our content is in NO WAY affected or influenced by any potential commissions and we only build affiliate relationships with shops we would recommend and shop at. We love what we do and do it because it’s our passion and want to let you in on all our great sale findings, so all that matters to us is that you love it too. If we can make a little money along the way and be able to spend more time doing what we love then we couldn’t be happier!

Advertising Relationships

Just like our affiliate policy, we only advertise with companies we believe in and think you would like too. We display paid for display advertising through both google AdSense and directly through certain businesses. As with our affiliate relationships, our content is NEVER persuaded or inspired by these relationships. But since we do only feature brands or stores or products we support, it isn’t uncommon to see these same businesses mentioned in past or future posts.

Sponsored Posts

We occasionally publish sponsored content that is paid for by advertisers, but when we do, you’ll know it. We ALWAYS include “Sponsored” in the title of the post.

Editorial Policy:

This is explained in our affiliate and advertising policies but we wanted to reiterate. Straight out, we only publish sales, boutiques and products because we want to and in no way because someone has paid us to, either with money or product trade. If you want to suggest a sale, or send us a sample to review we’ll check it out and if  we like it we’ll feature it.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, comments or see room for improvement please let us know as we’d love to hear what you think.

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