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When it comes to jewelry, we prefer to adorn ourselves with a collection of simple, delicate pieces. Not taking away the importance of a good statement piece, but when it comes to the everyday, a well-made, delicate items are our go-to. And L.A.- based Ariel Gordon does it best. Her selection is vast: rings, earrings, bracelets, stones, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, but there’s a strong, universal theme — we want it all. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we thought it fitting to sit down with Ariel and ask the pro a few things about buying gifts online, her favorite pieces, oh, and the entire collection is 30% off, just for you!

ariel gordon jewelry interview sale


Fill in the blank: Jewelry makes me feel _______________ . 
Like I’m ready to face the day

What’s your favorite Ariel Gordon piece at the moment?
I like jewelry that is classic and wearable. I know a lot of girls that don’t change their jewelry everyday and I’m definitely one of them. I have a few pieces that I never take off –  my wedding band +  engagement ring (I designed them myself), my Close to My Heart Necklace   (I made these as bridesmaids’ presents for my wedding), my diamond droplet bracelet (one of my favorite pieces from my most recent collection), and my pave Love Knot ring  (always on my pinky) stacked with a rose gold mini pave diamond ring.

Buying jewelry online can be challenging. Any tips?
Know your ring size!!!

Name your favorite places to shop for gifts online? How about when searching for a gift, on sale?
I love sites like A+R or Furbish Studio for fun gifts. If I’m looking to get a good deal then I’ll always see if Amazon has the item that I’m looking for (I’m a Amazon Prime addict).

Flowers, or Candy?
Flowers. Always flowers.


 diamon-droplet love-knot  close-to-my-heart  mini-pave-rings
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